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Tools for Success
A partnership with BNG Holdings will provide you with the tools to succeed. Contact one of our agent representatives today and learn how we are able to maximize your office's profitability.


  • Private Labeled Gateways
  • Agents/ISOs now have the availability to white label their gateway. Merchants login and see the agent's company name on the gateway instead of the acquirer's name. ISOs can choose from several different white labeled packages. | more
  • 24/7 Merchant Support
  • All merchants have access to our US based toll free 24/7 merchant support service. Agents can spend more of their time selling and less time handling support. | more
  • No Experience Necessary
  • BNG Holdings is looking for self motivated individuals that are looking to be their own boss. We offer training, marketing materials and on going support to all of our agents. | more



Why would a merchant utilize your processing services when they start their new business or switch from their current provider to you? Without a clear answer, agents will find themselves treading to stay afloat. BNG Holdings is 100% compatible with all of the high risk merchant networks as well including the following platforms: EMS and GoldenState High Risk Bankcard


BNG provides a vast array of products and services that each agent is able to supply to their potential and existing merchants. A few of the products we offer include; terminals, pin pads and free thermal paper.  In addition to our free equipment programs, agents are capable of signing up merchants with a free terminal replacement service even if they purchased the machine from a different company! | more


Join a winning company to help build your portfolio of merchants. Agents working either full time or part time can both benefit from the BNG Holdings difference. We offer a team of underwriters/account reps to handle your new applications and merchant support issues, while a separate team focuses strictly on helping agents; market, train and develop their own businesses.

"Partnering with the right acquirer can make the difference between selling 100 accounts and keeping 65 of them or selling 100 accounts and keeping 98 of them 5+ years later." | more

"My previous processors I worked with, limited me to providing only retail credit card processing. When I joined BNG Holdings we were able to sell; retail, internet and phone merchant accounts." | more